Haufe Academy eLearning

The Haufe Academy is the leading provider of qualification and development for people and companies in German-speaking countries. Choose from over 100 topics from the fields of business, soft skills, health and more. Here you will find digital modules for blended concepts, learning on demand offers, for the preparation and follow-up of seminars or workshops.

Guidance and Leadership

Personal and Social Skills

  1. Virtuelle Moderation

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1917
    USD 59.00
    Virtuelle Moderation
  2. Giving Convincing Presentations

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1913
    USD 59.00
    Giving Convincing Presentations
  3. Überzeugend formulieren

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1912
    USD 59.00
    Überzeugend formulieren
  4. Structured and Effective Facilitation

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1911
    USD 59.00
    Structured and Effective Facilitation
  5. Stressmanagement

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1908
    USD 59.00
  6. Storytelling

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1902
    USD 59.00
  7. Self-confidence at work

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1895
    USD 149.00
    Self-confidence at work
  8. Schlagfertigkeit und Rhetorik

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1893
    USD 59.00
    Schlagfertigkeit und Rhetorik
  9. Resilience

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1891
    USD 59.00
  10. Professionell verhandeln

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1882
    USD 59.00
    Professionell verhandeln
  11. Creative time management - mastering tasks appropriately

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1868
    USD 59.00
    Creative time management - mastering tasks appropriately
  12. Conflict Management

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1864
    USD 59.00
    Conflict Management
  13. Infoflut bewältigen - Zeit gewinnen

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1859
    USD 59.00
    Infoflut bewältigen - Zeit gewinnen
  14. Feedback geben und nehmen

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1840
    USD 59.00
    Feedback geben und nehmen
  15. Empowerment für Frauen

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1838
    USD 149.00
    Empowerment für Frauen
  16. Steering conversations to success

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1843
    USD 149.00
    Steering conversations to success
  17. Eine Rede halten

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1837
    USD 59.00
    Eine Rede halten
  18. Kommunikationstraining

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1842
    USD 149.00
  19. Entscheidungen treffen - in sechs Schritten zum Ziel

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1839
    USD 59.00
    Entscheidungen treffen - in sechs Schritten zum Ziel
  20. E-Mail Flut im Griff - mit Outlook jederzeit gut sortiert

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1833
    USD 59.00
    E-Mail Flut im Griff - mit Outlook jederzeit gut sortiert
  21. Digital Detox

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1827
    USD 59.00
    Digital Detox
  22. Business-Knigge für Azubis

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1814
    USD 59.00
    Business-Knigge für Azubis
  23. Business Etiquette

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1811
    USD 59.00
    Business Etiquette
  24. Authentic and Successful Presentations

    Haufe Academy LIS-HAUFE-1808
    USD 149.00
    Authentic and Successful Presentations

Transformation and Digitization

Compliance, Law and Data Protection

Intercultural Competence

Project, Process and Change Management

Human Resource Management

Sales, Marketing, Business Administration and Office Management