SUSE Manager 3.1 Administration

SUSE Manager 3.1 Administration


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This lab prepares attendees to install SUSE Manager 3, configure the SUSE Manager 3 server in their environment, register their existing or new servers to SUSE Manager, use Salt configuration management, search for CVE vulnerabilities, patch servers, use Subscription Matching, add Organizations and use the SUSE Manager Proxy Server.

Lab Exercises

  • Intro
  • Module 3-1 SUSE Manager Installation
  • Module 3-2 SUSE Manager Initial Configuration
  • Module 3-3 SUSE Manager SCC Channel Configuration
  • Module 3-4 View SUSE Channels using the Web UI
  • Module 3-5 SUSE Manager Help
  • Module 3-6 SUSE Manager Menu Search Function
  • Module 4-1 Create SUSE Manager Local Users
  • Module 4-2 Add and Configure System Groups
  • Module 4-3 Configure External Authentication to SUSE Manager
  • Module 5-1 Clone SUSE Channels using the Web UI
  • Module 5- 2 Clone SUSE Channels from the spacecmd Shell
  • Module 5-3 Clone SUSE Channels into the Testing and Production Channel Structures using the spacecmd Shell
  • Module 5-4 Create a Channel for Storing Patches that Fail the Testing Process
  • Module 5-5 Create a Channel for Emergency Patch Application Outside the Standard Patch Cycle
  • Module 5-6 Create a Custom Repository and Channel
  • Module 6-1 Create and Configure Activation Keys
  • Module 6-2 Install the Salt Minion and Register a SLES12SP3 Testing Environment System with SUSE Manager
  • Module 6-3 Install the Salt Minion and Register a SLES12SP3Production Environment System with SUSE Manager
  • Module 7-1 View Current System Patch Status and Clone Updates into the Testing Channels
  • Module 7-2 Perform a CVE Check
  • Module 7-3 Fully Patch Systems in the Testing Environment
  • Module 7-4 Fully Patch Systems in the Production Environment
  • Module 8-1 Basic Salt Commands
  • Module 8-2 Getting Information using Salt Grains
  • Module 9-1 Create and Apply a State to Systems
  • Module 9-2 Manage Welcome Messages with a Salt State
  • Module 10-1 View Subscription Matching Data
  • Module 11-1 Prepare for System Deployment
  • Module 11-2 Deploy a SLES12 SP2 System
  • Module 12-1 Create and Configure an Organization
  • Module 12-2 Organization Configuration and Management
  • Module 13-1 Prepare SUSE Manager for a Proxy Installation
  • Module 13-2 Install SUSE Manager 3.1 Proxy Service
  • Module 13-3 Configure the SUSE Manager Proxy
  • Module 13-4 Install the Salt Minion and Register a SLES12 Production Environment System using the SUSE Manager Proxy
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SUSE Manager 3.1 Administration
starting at
USD 25.00

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