ClipTraining LIS-CT-308

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Get your full access to the Microsoft Security online training by ClipTraining now!

This 'Security' course bundle comprises 6 individual courses in 45 lessons on the following topics:

In this course, End-User Security Awareness, you will learn more about the basic concepts of end user security awareness including how to be proactive on the road, at work, and in your home. Making yourself and team aware of the threats you face as the world becomes reliant on technology is an important step to staying safe.
In this course, End-User Security: Human Firewall Strengthening, you learn secrets that help strengthen the end-user… the human… into a human firewall. When technology fails, the one thing standing in the way of a cyber attack against your company, is a human. We look into attachment, URL and impersonation type attacks (including ransomware, malware, spear phishing, wire-transfer requests and more).
In this course, Cybersecurity: Protecting Individuals Protects Your Organization, cyber security expert Scott Schober will offer his insight on subjects like passwords, phishing, social engineering and social media. It will increase your security awareness to a new level!
In this course, Cybersecurity for Small Businesses, we hear from cybersecurity expert Scott Schober on subjects like the "cloud" and your digital footprint permanence. He also covers subjects like credit card skimmers, spam, VPNs, cyber insurance and more.
In this course, Social Engineering, we remove some of the mystery behind scammer’s tactics. Ploys are unveiled and methods of protection are shown in the instructive lessons. This series is a must watch for anyone in a corporate environment.
In this course, Identity Theft, you learn about a fast-growing plague that reaches into the personal lives of thousands each year afflicting untold financial and emotional damage. This series pulls the mask off of identity theft and clearly exposes how it happens and how is affected. Learn how to protect yourself in these highly informative video lessons.
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