Introduction to Python: Fundamentals

Introduction to Python: Fundamentals

Microsoft DEV274x-LAAS

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Build on what you learned in the “Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner” course, and dig into data structure basics.

Ready for more hands-on, step-by-step Python fundamentals? Add to the foundational experience you got in the Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner, and explore data structures. Get lots of practice working with sample code in Jupyter Notebooks on Azure, which require only a browser and an Internet connection.

Focus on Python data structures, and work with string, list, and range sequences. Discover the power of list iteration, and learn about string and list methods. From there, get the details on file input and output—open files, read them, add to them, close them, and more. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to slice strings into substrings, create lists, iterate through them, import files, and use file append mode, along with a lot of other practical Python tasks, as you get started coding.

Course Prerequisites

What you will learn

  • Python 3 fundamentals
  • Strings and List manipulation
  • Methods to Iterate through strings, lists and ranges
  • Creating, reading and writing to files

What’s included

  • Module 1 - Sequences: String Indexing
  • Module 2 - Sequences: List Manipulation
  • Module 3 - Sequences: Iteration
  • Module 4 - Files: Input and Output
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Free of Charge

Introduction to Python: Fundamentals

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Introduction to Python: Fundamentals

Microsoft DEV274x
Free of Charge
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