Data ONTAP SAN Implementation

Data ONTAP SAN Implementation


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Lab Exercises

  • Lab 1-1 Identify the exercise environment
  • Lab 1-2 Log in to the exercise environment
  • Lab 1-3 Install OnCommand System Manager in the exercise environment
  • Lab 1-4 Create a cluster
  • Lab 1-5 Add a cluster to OnCommand System Manager
  • Lab 1-6 Join a node to a cluster
  • Lab 1-7 Configure SNMP public community name
  • Lab 2-1 Setup Multipath I/O on Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Lab 2-2 Install the host utilities kit on Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Lab 2-3 Configure NIC teaming on Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Lab 2-4 Create a data aggregate
  • Lab 2-5 Use NetApp OnCommand System Manager to create a Vserver for iSCSI
  • Lab 2-6 Configure iSCSI sessions on Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Lab 2-7 Confirm iSCSI sessions on the Data ONTAP operating system
  • Lab 3-1 Create a local administrative account for NetApp software
  • Lab 3-2 Install NetApp SnapDrive for Windows on Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Lab 3-3 Configure clustered Data ONTAP for SnapDrive for Windows
  • Lab 3-4 Update the Windows hosts file for SnapDrive for Windows
  • Lab 3-5 Create a Windows iSCSI disk with SnapDrive for Windows
  • Lab 4-1 Verify the Linux configuration
  • Lab 4-2 Install the NetApp Linux Host Utilities on your Linux system
  • Lab 4-3 Configure the iSCSI software initiator for Linux
  • Lab 4-4 Confirm the iSCSI sessions on the storage system
  • Lab 5-1 Enable Linux native multipathing (dm-multipath)
  • Lab 5-2 Create iSCSI-attached LUNs for Linux
  • Lab 5-3 Discover iSCSI-attached LUNs for Linux
  • Lab 5-4 Prepare an individual LUN and mount it on the Linux
  • Lab 5-5 Configure an LVM2 logical volume
  • Lab 7-1 Recall FC key concepts
  • Lab 8-1 Investigate the initial switch configuration
  • Lab 8-2 Configure FC HBAs on a storage system pair
  • Lab 8-3 Configure a storage virtual machine for FC connectivity
  • Lab 8-4 Install QLogic FC tool on Windows 2012 system
  • Lab 8-5 Enable FC HBA ports on a Windows 2012 system
  • Lab 8-6 Assign aliases to WWPNs on a storage system
  • Lab 8-7 Provide LUN access using the CLI
  • Lab 8-8 Create Windows Dynamic Disks by using NetApp LUNs
  • Lab 9-1 Create a VLAN on the switch
  • Lab 9-2 Configure a target FCoE port on the switch
  • Lab 9-3 Configure an initiator FC port on the switch
  • Lab 9-4 Setup one-to-one zone mapping between the initiator and target port
  • Lab 10-1 Install SnapDrive for UNIX
  • Lab 10-2 Create a LUN by using SnapDrive for UNIX
  • Lab 10-3 Recover data using SnapDrive for UNIX
  • Lab 11-1 Create an iSCSI-attached LUN on a NetApp high-availability storage system
  • Lab 11-2 Create a Snapshot copy of a LUN
  • Lab 11-3 Observe the effects of writing to a LUN
  • Lab 11-4 Observe the effects of deleting from a LUN
  • Lab 11-5 Observe the effects of overwriting to a LUN
  • Lab 11-6 Observe the effects of setting a Snapshot automatic deletion policy
  • Lab 12-1 Recall the key host considerations
  • Lab 12-2 Create an iSCSI-attached LUN
  • Lab 12-3 Expand the iSCSI-attached LUN
  • Lab 12-4 Shrink the iSCSI-attached LUN
  • Lab 13-1 Clone a LUN for Linux
  • Lab 13-2 Remove a LUN with Linux
  • Lab 13-3 Reset the storage HBAs to initiator mode
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Data ONTAP SAN Implementation
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USD 310.00 /student

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