Cisco Wide-Area Application Service

Cisco Wide-Area Application Service


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Lab Exercises

Lab Exercises

  • Lab 2-1: Cisco WAAS Quick Start (Inline)
  • Lab 3-1: Configure Custom Application Traffic Policies
  • Lab 3-2: Configure Cisco WAAS Express
  • Lab 3-3: Configure the Branch Office Cisco WAE-674 for Virtualization
  • Lab 4-1: Configure the Cisco SM-SRE and WCCP
  • Lab 4-2: Configure Cisco vWAAS and the Cisco Nexus 1000V
  • Lab 4-3: Configure and Monitor vPath Interception
  • Case Study 5-1: Design Cisco WAAS Solutions
  • Lab 6-1: Configure Cisco WAAS NFS Acceleration
  • Lab 6-2: Configure Cisco WAAS MAPI Acceleration
  • Lab 6-3: Configure Cisco WAAS SSL Acceleration
  • Lab 6-4: Configure Cisco WAAS Mobile Client
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Cisco Wide-Area Application Service
starting at
USD 350.00 /student

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