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Account Managers and Sales Engineers in the technology industry are always on the lookout for the “next big thing.” With $6 trillion predicted to be spent on IoT Solutions over the next 5 years (Business Insider) and billions of devices collecting and transferring data by 2020, it is the right moment to invest in Internet of Things (IoT)-specific training.

An Account Manager and a Sales Engineer are only able to close a lucrative deal, and create a delighted customer, if they have the right tools at their disposal at the right time. Without concrete demos, examples and real-life case studies in the IoT, AMs and SEs are at a disadvantage to tap early and deeply into the upcoming wave of demand for IoT solutions to millions of problems that correct data gathering and data interpretation can solve.

The IoT, which is essentially data extraction and data interpretation from currently “hidden” sources at high speed, is ground-breaking because it is technology that will affect every industry, every vertical, and every human being in the future. It will go beyond developing a competitive edge, and become the standard way that business is done. So, no matter what company you are working for, knowledge of real IoT applications and experiencing demos and real-life use cases can only be to the advantage of Sales Engineers and Account Managers.

Many SEs and AMs have a general idea of what the IoT is, and know that there could be solutions for their clients out there. But, they are not yet at the stage of confidently defining an IoT solution. relayr and Fast Lane have partnered to create two expert-led courses that enable sales engineers and account managers to capitalize early on an exciting new line of business.

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