Securing Industrial IoT Networks with Cisco Technologies

Securing Industrial IoT Networks with Cisco Technologies


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The Securing Industrial IoT Networks with Cisco Technologies (ISECIN) v1.0 course provides the foundation you need to succeed with the industrial IoT. You will learn how to lead and secure high-visibility IIoT enabled infrastructure projects, and gain critical insight into IoT-enabled industries such as manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, utilities, and process control. You will also learn about IIoT architectures as well as their security requirements, frameworks, and regulations. In addition, you study security protocols, vulnerabilities, and how to protect your network from those vulnerabilities.

The IIoT offers tremendous opportunity for innovation and productivity, but in an increasingly complex world, IIoT devices cannot protect themselves. When industrial networks converge with enterprise networks, and the volume of connected devices grows every day, security professionals must understand the characteristics and security exposures of critical IIoT-enabled infrastructures.

Who should attend

IT and senior OT professionals currently responsible for network or OT security who are expanding their roles into IIoT initiatives.

IT Job Roles:

  • Security engineer
  • Security operations
  • Security analyst
  • Systems and solution architects
  • Systems integrators
  • Senior OT engineers

OT Job Roles:

  • Plant security professionals
  • Security operations

Course Prerequisites

  • College or advanced technical degrees with several years of experience in IT or OT
  • Solid understanding of IP networking and industrial protocols
  • Cisco CCNA® Security level of knowledge

What you will learn

After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the convergent enterprise and industrial IoT architecture, components and applications
  • Contrast enterprise IT vs. industrial OT security
  • Define layered security requirements from the network edge to the core, and from access to applications layer
  • Protect endpoints, communications as well as data at rest and in motion
  • Compliance to standards, regulations, and auditing
  • Understand protocols, applications and IPv6 for IIoT
  • Identify vulnerabilities and threats
  • Familiarize with common implementation issues
  • Assess, monitor, and detect vulnerabilities
  • Walk through IIoT attacks
  • Adopt best practices in design principles and process for securing and segmenting IIoT networks
  • Application of the converged security model for the broader industry: manufacturing, utilities, transportation, O&G
  • Secure and monitor/detect the IIoT framework with next generation security products and tools
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