Object Oriented Programming in Java

Object Oriented Programming in Java

Microsoft DEV277x-LAAS

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What do hiring managers look for in entry-level developers? According to a recent survey, one of the most requested job skills is "strong object oriented design." Yet traditional computer science programs rarely focus on this area.

In this Java course, examine the role of objects in code, explore how to use them, and see how to design them for optimal code reuse and structure. Get tons of hands-on coding experience using popular Java objects, like Arrays and Lists, and then leverage those learnings to design your own object hierarchies. Plus, practice using inheritance, interfaces, abstract classes, and encapsulation techniques to help you manage large code bases.

Get comfortable employing industry standards in designing and managing complex relationships within a code base, as you add to your computer science skill set.

Course Prerequisites

  • Students should be familiar with the basics of Java programming such as methods, parameters, returns, scope and data types.
  • Suggested prerequisite course: Dev276x

What you will learn

  • How to employ single and two-dimensional arrays to store complex data
  • Different implementations of the Java List interface
  • Design best practices when creating your own objects from scratch
  • When to properly leverage inheritance, interfaces, and abstract classes to relate objects to one another

What’s included

  • Module 1 - Using Objects
  • Module 2 - Building your own Objects
  • Module 3 - Object Inheritance
  • Module 4 - Capstone Project
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Free of Charge

Object Oriented Programming in Java

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Object Oriented Programming in Java

Microsoft DEV277x
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