Build Web APIs using ASP.NET

Build Web APIs using ASP.NET

Microsoft DEV247x-LAAS


Want to learn how to serve data to your client applications using Web API? Perhaps you are considering creating applications for mobile devices but your data needs will exceed the storage capacity of the device. Perhaps you want tighter control over the data and wish to provide options for devices with limited or not always-on connectivity.

This course offers insight into the use of Web APIs using ASP.NET and C#. You’ll start with a review of client/server architectures and learn about data serialization and deserialization with JSON as the data format.

You will then be introduced to REST and RESTful concepts with discussions on synchronous and asynchronous programming.

The third module introduces you to ASP.NET Core and using Entity Framework for data access.

Finally, you will learn how to use Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) with your services and how to secure your Web APIs


  • Knowledge of C#
  • Knowledge of web technologies
  • Database knowledge

Was du lernen wirst

  • RESTful Services
  • Web API
  • ASP.NET Core
  • CORS
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Build Web APIs using ASP.NET

Course 1


Build Web APIs using ASP.NET

Microsoft DEV247x
Open edX
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